Le nostre più grandi paure si avverano: chi ci salverà?

Le classi 1° 3° e 4° dell’Istituto si sono cimentate in creatività grazie ad un lavoro assegnato dalla professoressa di inglese.

Come si sa, il mondo ha da poco perso una grande personalità : Stan Lee. Quest’uomo ha fatto, e fa ancora, sognare migliaia di persone grazie ai suoi inimitabili supereroi. Per questo abbiamo deciso di dedicare a lui il nostro articolo attraverso i tributi dei ragazzi.

L’obiettivo era pensare alla propria paura più grande e trovare un supereroe che potesse essere in grado di salvare lo spaventatissimo studente. Pronti a scoprire le nostre paure?

Classe I

I have too many fears, some of them are: the fear of spiders, snakes and speaking in public. I would be as strong as wonder woman. Actually I would like to have her character, she is brave and not interested in people’s judgment, in other words she is really determined. For this reason I would become like her.

Anna Guillaume

I am scared of my house’s collapse, in that case I would call Hulk because he is very strong and he could avoid this disaster.

Ester Bako

My biggest fear is heights, I’m always afraid of falling from a building and terrified of a possible bridge’s collapse. By the way, to save me there will always be Hulk, my superhero who will rescue me, in case of danger.

Kevin Qerimi

I am scared of heights. I have always been scared of them. I found out that I was scared of them when I was 11 years old when I went to an adventure park with my school. The superhero that could help me is Iron man because he can fly.

Luca Core

I’ve fear of snakes because they are slimy and also they slither. Last summer I was scared by a snake in my garden. I would pick Batman to save me for them. I love him because he is my favorite superhero. I like him because he always helps everyone and he is brave.

Luca Petruzzi

My biggest fear is that of breaking both of my legs during a ski race . I think the only superhero that can save me is Deadpool , because he is indestructible and he can make me indestructible too.

Ludovico Duò

Since I was a child, one of my biggest fears has always been the trees that fall on me. So I have always dreamt that my favorite superhero , captain America, would save me with his shield.

Nicolò Nosenzo

I have got a real fear of spiders and I think that the hero who can save me from them is Flash because he is very fast and he runs faster than spiders; in this way he can stop them. Flash is wearing a red suit with two golden darts at the edge of the head. It was invented by Stan Lee That unfortunately died a few days ago. If I were alone in the house and a spider tried to attack me he would rush to help me and thanks to his super speed he would be able to stop the spider and then he would kill him in such a short time that the spider wouldn’t notice. By the way, my favorite hero will always be Wolverine because he is strong, agile, he has steel bones and claws and he is also immortal.

Luca Sordi

I have got a terrible fear of the darkness. I am always afraid of it and all the obscure places. For this reason, I would call Batman to save me from it because he works always in the darkness.

Matteo Vottero


Classe III

When I was a child, I was afraid of wolves, especially when I went to take the dogs to the mountains, but I have always thought that the black widow came and rescue me.

Luca De Crignis

One of my biggest fears is heights. In fact I am afraid of climbing over a skyscraper because I am afraid of falling down. So the superhero who could save me from this fear is Spiderman.

Olivia Di Pascale

My biggest fear is that of the clowns. Since I was a child I never could watch movies with clowns probably because my uncle in his room had a big photo of a clown and when I did not obey, he always told me “now the clown comes to take you”. For this reason, my favourite hero is Bat-man, in fact he fights against a clown (Joker) so I will always wins.

Ludovica Castaldo

My greatest fear is terrorism. Large group of people, due to their religion or other similar reasons kill innocent people. For this reason many places and Countries are considered dangerous and aren’t chosen for holidays. Terrorism a few years ago has also arrived in Italy. The superhero that I think could help me is Spiderman, because he could create a spider’s web in which all the terrorists would get stuck.

Marta Simeoni

My fear is that of heights, I am afraid of dying. Falling from a high place like mountains. The superhero I could call would be superman who would fly to save me and make me avoid falling.

Greta Bado

Generally I have not fears, there is just one thing that terrifies me. This is to stay alone in all over the world. I hate the idea of not having anyone by my side and to not having someone to talk with; if I lost my relatives and my friend I would be desperate. I love meeting new people and making new friends and I have fear that one day I could not do it anymore. Not even one day I want to live without anyone! I am a very extrovert person, I can even talk to the walls! By the way, if this nightmare became true, I would call a superhero to come and save me. Maybe the one I would choose is Hulk, he is the one who could do it. With is strength and his will he would take me to a world full of people or bring everyone back to me. Hulk is my favourite superhero and certainly he is the one who is capable of saving me.

Vittoria Castellano

I am afraid of passing under the overpass especially when I start thinking that it could fall on me. So when I pass under it, my heart beats like a rabbit. I would like that the superhero “the Thing”, a fantastic four member, would be always there with me, so I could be sure he would avoid the overpass’ collapse.

Simona Ghivarello

The main phobia I have is arachnophobia. I don’t like spiders, indeed they scare me because they have eight legs and six eyes and are hairy. The superhero that can help me is Spiderman, because he is strong and have the power of spider.

Matteo Daverio

I have a terrible fear of snakes, when I walk in the woods I’m always afraid of stepping on them with my feet. The superhero that could save me is Hulk. He is very big and muscular and can crush them all with no problem.

Andrea Bondi

My greatest fear is drowning into the sea, it has tormented me for many years and I would like to overcome it. So if I were in trouble at sea, I would call my favourite superhero, Aquaman, because he is half-human and half-fish and has a powerful strength.

Nicolò Tosti

I suffer from acrophobia. It is also defined as fear of heights. I have been frightened of heights since I was little. If I were to call a superhero to save me from a high place it would probably be Super-man because he could fly me down to the ground in no time. If that would happen to me, I would stop being afraid of heights and my acrophobia would vanish. You can overcome any kind of fear if you can believe in yourself and it can help if you have other people that support you in some way.

Benjamin Adorno

I am a boy who does not have particular fears. The one I cannot overcome is the fear of heights. I suffer from acrophobia especially when I go to skiing. Sometimes when I use the chairlift and I look down, my fear becomes very clear to everyone. Although, certainly, if I fell Superman would save me.

Leonardo Clivio

I am frightened of spiders especially when I think that they could go into my ears and leave there their eggs. Furthermore, they make me sick with those legs and eyes. The superhero who could save me is Spiderman because he could take away the spiders.

Edoardo Genoso

My greatest fear is to be buried alive in a coffin, indeed I suffer from claustrophobia. I would like to be saved by the ninja turtles since they are my favourite superheroes. Moreover, as a really strong group, they could save me from the risk of being buried alive.

Riccardo Musso

My biggest fear are the sudden noises. When I listen to very strong sounds, most of the time my body shakes by fear. One of the noises which frightened me the most, is that of fireworks; I like watching them but their noise annoys me a lot. Another example of noise is the bark of the dogs that is terrifying. By the way, my favourite superhero is Superman because he could fly and save me with his great powers and muscles.

Kejsi Qerimi

My deepest fear is that in the night a giant spider comes and eats me in a hurry. But I can hope that Catwoman arrives and saves me from that ugly spider!

Eddie Francou

I have a great fear of snakes, because they are long, slimy and actually poisonous. If I had to call a superhero I would certainly call Hulk because he destroys everything he has in front of him.

Andrea Odetti

My name is Alice and I love my mom. We have a very close relationship because she gave birth to me when she was young. My biggest fear is that my mother gets sick of a serious illness, like the Alzheimer and does not recognize me anymore. She is the most important person for me and she loves me more than anyone else. She would

give live for me. The superhero who could help me to overcome my fear is Hiro Nakamura. He is a Japanese boy with the power of travelling through the time and see the future. I would ask him to let my mother alive as much as possible without having any kind of problems. I would prefer getting sick instead of her!

Alice Rossi

I am very frightened of the storms. When I hear thunders and see lightning I get immediately scared and I think that they are really awful. The only one who could save me is Thor. Due to his arms and his strength, he would surely make me feel safe.

Noemi Campisi

Classe IV

My biggest fear is to fall into empty spaces. The superhero by whom I would like to be saved is Iron Man. There are many superheroes with the ability of flying but the one I like the most is him because he doesn’t have some kind of special superpower. He’s got an amazing armour, but apart from that he is a normal person with lots of problems. He is not a superhero for his powers, he is a superhero in his soul and mind.

Gaia Calzati

My biggest fear is my own clumsiness. So my favourite superhero would be Invisible Woman. Therefore, every time I would do strange and embarrassing things, she could come and help me to disappear from that uncomfortable situation.

Andrea Giulia Perron Cabus

I have got a terrible fear of spiders. My superhero is Spiderman because this man is very strong and therefore he would be able to defend me. According to me, spiders are horrible! As a matter of fact, I am aracnophobic.

Carlotta Visentini

My favourite superhero is Batman because he is the king of night.

When I was a child I used to read every book of Batman and Catwoman and I watched all their film.

Cesare Bonetti

I suffer from arachnophobia. It is the unreasonable fear of spiders and other arachnids such as scorpions. The superhero that I would pick to save me from my phobia is Spiderman. Spiderman is a man who turns into a spider, paradoxically this could give me security.

Mattia Pourpour

I am really frightened of clowns, as Joker, I am very afraid of them and I think they aren’t funny.

So the superhero who can help me is Batman, because he fights the criminal and in particular Joker, the king of the clowns in all over the world.

Francesco Novo

My biggest fear is to fall from a skyscraper when I am on the top floor. I would like Spiderman to save me because by shooting his web he would be able to catch me.

Charlotte Audibert

One of my fears is the darkness because, due to it, I can’t see anything and I am afraid of what is hidden in it. If I could have a source of light every time I need, it would be great! In my opinion the only person who could give me a hand is the Torch Man. In fact he could illuminate the location where I go so I would be fearless and have a better visibility of what is around me.

Matteo Campanell


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